Slim Waist

Slim waist

Slender waist, round butt: this is the new concept for a perfect body. But while the toned butt can only be created with exercises at the gym, the waist is rolled with a controlled diet regime, and exercises as simplistic as possible.

It is not about not to eat, but to eat some kind of food that is very effective to dilate the waist:

1.Consume as little carbohydrate as possible
Carbohydrates tend to accumulate fat in the waistband. Nutrition with lots of carbohydrates is associated with a high insulin level, which helps in the formation of fat. This is the number one if you want to have a thin waist!

2.Consume as much fiber as possible
The best fibers are found in fruits; the more fruits you eat, the slower the food, the longer the feeling of satiety, and the other, turning the consumed nutrition not into the fat but on the energy of the body.

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